At Arrowall, we take great pride in being the single source for your wall system needs. Through diligent quality assurance, attention to every detail, and timely development and production we are able to exceed client expectations time and time again.

Quality Assurance Every Step of the Way

Selective Market Approach

Whether the project is small, medium or large, we look to become part of a construction team that considers quality equal to price. While most companies are scrambling to get as much work as possible, Arrowall remains very selective and cautious about the type and quantity of projects we pursue, as well as the teams we join.

Meticulous Design

Arrowall drawings are the game plan to a successful installation. They are the source of internal communication, include every aspect of the process and leave nothing to the imagination. Only experience can ensure the careful consideration and provision for each of the following variables:

  • Building movement
  • Thermal movement
  • Effects of wind and gravity
  • Control of water and air
  • Tolerance of supports and contiguous materials
  • Tolerance of framing, panels, stone, glass and gasket materials
  • Compatibility of sealants with dissimilar materials
  • Continuity of water defense with surrounding construction where applicable
  • Proper selection and application of sealants
  • Assembly and installation
  • Effects of handling and transporting

Lab Testing for Product Innovation

Before beginning the fabrication of many of our designs, we create a mock up which is lab-tested for static pressure, air infiltration, water leakage and structural strength. This phase of development helps ensure the success of the product while also providing Arrowall with information needed to produce innovative solutions for our products.

Continuous Quality Testing

A full-time Quality Control professional performs multi-point inspections on all aspects of the process, from fabrication to loading. Additionally, all personnel are trained to inspect the work of preceding operations to ensure quality assurance throughout the manufacturing process.

Precise Installation

Arrowall field personnel are trained to install in strict compliance with the approved, completely comprehensive submittal drawings. When conditions vary from those detailed, they are required to communicate with the project management and engineering teams for formal solutions.

In-House Field Testing

Once installed, the product is tested in-place. Arrowall maintains its own field-testing equipment and personnel who are fully trained to conduct static pressure air infiltration and water leakage tests, which comply with the requirements of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA).

Loyal Employees

We provide a workplace environment where people want to finish their careers, and this continuity of personnel helps to ensure the continuity of the product. Today about 20% of our workforce have been with Arrowall over 20 years. Many of those have over 30 years of dedicated service to the company.